All hail Jedi Amara and her great banner-making power. :D

Fisherman Dude watches the police cars go by.

This crowd is clearly terrified of a potential bomb.

Fujieda Yoshino, of DATS.

Unconscious gang members.

The people at DATS HQ watch Masaru vs Agumon.

Commander Satsuma and Kudamon wonder just who Masaru thinks he is.

Agumon and Masaru are equally matched.

Miki is surprised Masaru can fight Digimon.

Agumon and Masaru are tired out.

Agumon and Masaru are now officially friends.

Yoshino and Raramon face Agumon and Masaru.

Masaru and Agumon talk.

Masaru buying Agumon food.

Yoshino eating the coffee jelly Masaru bought.

Masaru and Yoshino talking.

Commander Satsuma and Kudamon.

Kurokawa Miki and Pawn Chessmon.

Satsuma, Yoshino, etc. in DATS HQ talking to Masaru.

Agumon with a garbage can on his head.

Cockatrimon shows himself.

Cockatrimon attacks.

Masaru, mad that Cockatrimon injured Agumon, delivers a blow to Cockatrimon.

Fisherman Dude throws Masaru a Digivice.

Agumon evolves to Greymon and uses Mega Flame, defeating Cockatrimon.

Yoshino is still going to arrest the two.

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