Digimon Savers Episode 5:
Digital World Totsunyuu! Drimogemon no Wana
Break Into the Digital Wolrd! Drimogemon's Trap

Yoshino thinks Touma going into the Digital Dive to get into the Digital World is the worst, but then she hears the door open again, and a voice asking if no one is there. It's Masaru, and Agumon says there's no one. They crawl over and stand up and compliment themselves on their sneaking skills, when Yoshino asks them what they're doing. They're shocked, but they go over to a computer terminal with Yoshino, and Masaru is irriatated to learn that Touma got there first, but Yoshino doesn't catch on, caught up in looking for Touma. She locates his Digivice signal and is about to bring him back, but it suddenly disappears. Masaru tells her he's going to do a Digital Dive too, so he can continue his fight, but Yoshino tells him it's dangerous and no one cares about his fight. Masaru ignores her and starts banging and stoming on the Digital Dive, Agumon joins him. Afraid they'll destroy the Digital Dive and Touma won't be able to come back, Yoshino agrees to send them through the gate.

Yoshino tells Masaru she's sending him to where she last saw Touma, and to bring him back. But Masaru doesn't seem to be paying attention, and says he doesn't need any of her help. She tells him where and when to be so he can get back, and he complains. Raramon and Yoshino get them through the gate, and realize its up to them now.


After the opening, we see a view of the Digital World with the sky on the bottom, and Masaru thinks it's cool. Agumon then informs him that it's Masaru whose upside down, and he gets up and they start walking around. Agumon remarks that this is the first time he's seen the Digital World, and as Masaru takes leaves off a bush, he says it's not that different from our world. They look into a river, and there's a digital distortion, which makes Masaru realize it's Digital. They then see Airdramon flying through the air, Tsunomon bouncing on the ground, and they see Pyocomon walking around as well. Masaru decides to walk around aimlessly in the hope they'll find a clue to Drimogemon's whereabouts, and Agumon asks him about Touma.

Back at DATS, Yoshino imagines Masaru saying that Touma should just be left on his own to sort it out, and wonders what they would do then. Raramon doesn't seem to think Masaru would say that, but back in the Digital World, that's exactly what Masaru says, and Agumon agrees with his sentiments. They walk around and see a collosseum of ice, a desert with things floating in the air, flower-tvs, and they stand on a vine on top of a cliff and look out on a huge part of the Digital World. Suddenly, as they're walking below a cliff, Agumon warns Masaru something is coming, and Drimogemon bursts out of the wall.

Masaru is glad Drimogemon came, thinking he came to Masaru to fight, but much to his shock, Drimogemon drills straight down back into the ground. Yoshino then loses Masaru's signal, and Satsuma walks in, asking what she's doing. She tries to make excuses, and meanwhile Masaru and Agumon pursue Drimgemon into his tunnels. They keep running after him, but can't catch up, and then he drills underground and pops up all around him. Masaru get's tired of this fast, and he turns around and apparently by accident faces Drimogemon, who just popped up. Drimogemon then causes the ground beneath theior feet to crumble, and they fall down into a crevasse.

They're both fine, and it turns out Touma and Gaomon are down there too, moving rocks that fell in a previous cave-in. Masaru and Agumon laugh at Touma for getting in a cave-in too, and as Gaomon makers an opening and Touma walks forward, it becomes apparent Touma is injured. Masaru runs foward and holds him up though, and says they need to think about getting out first before anything else.

They walk through the tunnels for a very long time, which are apparently something like a maze. At DATS, Satsuma demands to know why Yoshino violated the rules, and she tries to tell him it's all she could do. Kudamon says they'd better start looking for them.

Masaru asks Touma why they didn't just break out, and Touma shows him that it would cause another cave-in. They come to a fork in the tunnels, and Masaru picks the opposite direction Touma wants to go, and Touma shows him that he dropped a coin there, showing they already went that way. Eventually,. Agumon gets really tired of walking, and Touma says they should be heading up.

At DATS, they still haven't found their signals, as there's too much interference. Masaru and Touma run into a Drimogemon, and Touma tells Masaru it would be reckless to attack, and that they have to head to the surface first. Masaru says he won't run or hide, and he grabs on to Touma and jumps down the cliff onto Drimogemon, who doesn't seem to notice. Masaru then runs up onto Drimogemon's head and grabs his fur and gets his attention. Drimogemon starts drilling and tunneling, and Masaru controls his direction by pulling on his fur. Drimogemon drills up and up and up, and they break out on the surface, much to Touma's surprise, who realizes that Masaru had planned it all along. Gaomon thinks they should jump off, but Masaru tells him no, and drives Drimogemon toward the ice collosseum, where Drimogemon can't escape.

Once inside, Masaru punches Drimogemon, causing his Digi-Soul to come out, and they all jump off. Masaru evolves Agumon into Geo Greymon, and Touma evolves Gaomon into Gaogamon. Masaru orders Geo Greymon to attack, but Touma notices something strange about Drimogemon - he's shaking, and DATS gets their signal, and notification that they're all alive -- however, they see that a Digimon signal is evolving, and Drimogemon evolves into Digmon. Touma, consulting the device he has, notes that Digmon is more powerful and agile than Drimogemon, while Masaru just runs foward, attacks, and gets slapped back. Geo Greymon attacks with Mega Flame, but it too is ineffective. Gaogamon's attack is just dodged, and Gaogamon is hit with Digmon's attack, and Geo Greymon is slapped when he tries to attack again.

Touma asks Masaru if he remembers the last fight, and wonders what would happen if the attacks were combined. Touma and Masaru call Geo Greymon and Gaogamon, and the two Digimon combine Mega Flame and Spiral Blow just as Digmon leaps foward. The resulting flaming tornado kills Digmon, and Touma is awed at the power of the attack.

Later, as Touma and Masaru walk back to where they can leave, Touma asks him if he planned it all, and realizes that he can't figure out Masaru's ability so easily, and Touma and Masaru decide to work together from now on. Agumon says Masaru has a new follower, but Gaomon says Touma is no follower.

At DATS, Satsumaand Kudamon tell Masaru, Yoshino and Touma off, but then compliments them on a job well done.