Digimon Savers Episode 04:
Shin Chiimu hatsu shutsudou! Drimogemon wo oe!
New Team, First Mission! Chase Drimogewmon!

The episode opens with green sludge covering broken windows and other general destruction, and Masaru wonders exactly what the sludge is. Masaru guesses which way the Digimon went (since they all know that's what did it), and Agumon mentions that Numemon like dark places. Agumon and Masaru start to run toward the basement, but Touma tells them to stop, that they'll take care of that entrance and Masaru should go to another one. Masaru doesn't want to, and so he runs down there anyway, and Touma goes to B3 with Gaomon instead. Yoshino wonders what Satsuma was thinking when he made the two partners.

Masaru and Agumon, Touma and Gaomon and Numemon are all running through the dark tunnels, and everyone quickly locates the Numemon. Gaomon attacks with Double Backhand, but Agumon appears behind Numemon and tries to hit him, and Agumon gets hit by Double Backhand and is knocked over. Touma and Masaru start arguing as Numemon throws more sludge at them, and Raramon appears and takes out Numemon with a single Nuts Shoot, reverting him into a Digi-Tama. Yoshino scolds Yoshino and Touma, but they each blame what happened on the other, and they end up insulting each other.

Touma drives (actually, he lets Masaru ride in his limo, he's not driving) Masaru home that evening, and Masaru thanks him, but Touma informs him that he was ordered to do it, probably so he'd get on good terms with Masaru. Chika runs out and introduces herself to Touma, very nicely, much to Masaru's displeasure. Sayuri, Masaru's mother, comes out too, and thanks Touma and invites him in for tea, but Touma only smiles and leaves. Masaru asks whats for dinner, and Chika enthusiastically waves goodbye to Touma.

Meanwhile, at Medaka bank, a man and his henchmen break through the security using a special device. They creep through the bank and get to the safe, and the older man tells the younger he got the device that's getting through all the security on the Internet. He says they'll recoup the losses sustained buying the device by taking everything there. Once they get inside the safe, the older man tells the younger to take only cash, but then he trips and drops the device, breaking it and closing the door. While they're worrying about what to do, a digital gate appears on the floor, and Drimogemon comes out. They don't think it can understand them, but it does what they say -- it stops, and then it makes a hole through the door with its drill. They don't know what it is, but they decide its pretty useful and climb out.


In DATS, they find out the bank has been broken into, and they know a Digimon was resposible. Apparently, the device somehow triggered the gate, and Satsuma says the number of Digimon coming through are increasing. The robbers are driving away with Drimogemon, and the older one says they'll use him. DATS, meanwhile, identifies the Digimon, and informs everyone in the room of all related information as Masaru runs through the door -- he's late, because he had trouble fooling hsi mother to get out. Touma tells him he shouldn't bother, if he doesn't realize how important their missions are, and that Masaru doesn't understand he's a DATS member, enraging Masaru. Yoshino seems to agree more with Touma.

Masaru sits down at a computer and starts pressing buttons, and much to everyone's horror, it starts flashing red and an alarm go off. Masaru bangs his fist on it, and it shuts down, and Yoshino realizes they've lost all the data. Fortunately, though, Touma has a backup, since he thought that might happen., and insults Masaru. They pick up Drimogemon's signal again, and Satsuma orders Yoshino, Masaru, and Touma to go. Agumon is crammed in the car with them, instead of being in the Digivice, and Touma is less than pleased. Yoshino tells them to act like they're in a team, and they arrive at an ATM, where the Drimogemon was drilling through the wall so the two robbers could get all the cash they wanted. They think DATS are regular cops at first, until they see the Digimon.

Touma and Yoshino Realize Raramon and Gaomon, and the robbers are shocked and run away into their van with Drimogemon. Gaomon tries to pursue them, but they begin to drive away -- until they're stopped by Agumon, who pushes it back. Masaru joins him, and they manage to almost completely stop the car, enfuriating the robbers. An evil aura suddenly surrounds Drimogemon, and he grows to an enormous size, destroying the van (except for the seat the robbers were on). At DATS HQ, they report the Digimon response is getting stronger, and Kudamon wonders if the Digimon has gone insane. Masaru remarks that Drimogemon looks like he's worth fighting now, and he and Agumon dodge as Drimogemon attempts to bring an enormous paw down. Touma is standing off looking up information about Drimogemon, and thinks about a plan to keep Drimogemon from getting underground, since he can move so quickly there.

Masaru climbs on top of Drimogemon, and gets swung off into the water as Touma looks on disapprovingly. Agumon attacks, but he too gets swatted away. Touma orders Gaomon to drive him to the water, and Gaomon obeys, attacking Drimogemon with Rolling Upper. They drive him further and further towards the water, and Masaru suggests to Agumon that they get ahead of Touma.

The robbers, meanwhile, are incapacitated by Yoshino and Raramon, with Raramon's Sing A Song. Yoshino requests permission to bring them back to DATS for wipe their memories, and reports that Drimogemon is still being dealt with. Touma is continuing to drive Drimogemon toward the water, but Masaru and Agumon have swam out, and Agumon uses Baby Burner, driving Drimogemon the wrong way. Touma tells him to stop, but Masaru just tells him to be quiet. Touma demands to know why Masaru can't understand that Drimogemon will escape underground, and Drimogemon thereafter does just that. Touma tracks Drimogemon, and evolves Gaomon into Gaogamon so they can cut him off. Agumon asks Masaru what they should do, and Masaru looks down into the tunnel Drimogemon made.

A few minutes later, Touma orders Gaogamon to take care of Drimogemon before the dawn breaks, and Gaogamon attacks with Dash Double Claw, driving Drimogemon back into the tunnel -- but he flies right back out, and Masaru appears, Digi-Soul on his hand. Touma is shocked that Masaru came through the tunnel, and Masaru uses the Digi-Soul to evolve Agumon into Geo Greymon. Geo Greymon attacks, and a Digital Gate appears on the ground, which Drimogemon crawls toward. Neither Touma nor Masaru want him to escape, so they order Gaogamon and Geo Greymon to attack -- and then, Spiral Blow and Mega Burst collide above Drimogemon, canceling each other out, and giving Drimogemon a chance to escape, which he takes after some momentary confusion. Everyone is shocked, and Touma says he refuses to be in a team with Masaru. Masaru doesn't mind.

Back at DATS HQ, the memory erasure of the robbers has been completed, and Touma tells Satsuma that he can't be on a team with Masaru, but Satsuma reminds him that he said he wouldn't listen to any objections. Kudamon informs them the situation is even worse now with Drimogemon running wild, since it is a possibility he could get other Digimon to join him and return to the Real World. Touma wants to use the Digital Dive to go into the Digital World and defeat him, but Satsuma denies him permission, because Touma's safety is not guaranteed.

That night, as Yoshino looks at kitty magazines and complains about how long she's had to work, she hears someone moving around -- and she suddenly realizes she went the wrong way, and they got into the room she was just in. It's Touma, and he's using the Digital Dive, and by the time Yoshino gets the door back open, its too late.