Digimon Savers Episode 03:
Kaette kita tensai Touma! Meramon wo buttobase!
The Genius Who Returned Home, Touma! Crush Meramon!

Chika and Sayuri, Masaru's mom, are watching Masaru and Agumon devour their breakfast, and Masaru's mom is pleased that Masaru got up so early, something she credits Agumon for. Agumon and Masaru ask for more, and Sayuri serves Agumon first, much to Masaru's displeasure. Masaru and Agumon then end up fighting over the last fried egg, leading Chika to comment about what children they are.

Then, we see Touma showering in some undisclosed location, and he's told by a servant that it's warmer here than in Austria. Touma looks out of a skyscraper window.

Back at Masaru's, we then see Chika watching Agumon try to get into a bicycle basket, but he obviously doesn't fit. He's sad because Masaru wouldn't let Agumon run after him.

Back to Touma, he gets into a limousine and leaves wherever he is.

Masaru's now carrying Agumon piggyback, since he's pretending to be a stuffed toy. Agumon then gets a communication from DATS, and after he figures out how to listen to it, he's told there's Digimon activity in the area. Three guys sitting around bored notice things catching fire, and it turns out a Petit Meramon is responsible. When Masaru and Agumon come running up, the Petit Meramon wants to fight, and shoots fire at Agumon. Agumon responds with Baby Flame, but it has no effect, and Masaru's punches go right through Petit Meramon, so he can't evolve Agumon. Masaru's hit with a fireball, and Agumon tries to claw the Petit Meramon, but it goes right through him again.

Petit Meramon proceeds to fly away, and Masaru and Agumon pursue. The three guys that were standing around wonder what was going on, and Touma appears behind them and uses a flashy-thing (ala the Men in Black) to erase their memories.


At DATS headquarters, Masaru say's he's exhausted, and Yoshino says she didn't think he could do it. Touma shows up holding a fiery Digi-Tama, and Masaru demands to know who he is. Miki and Megumi run up squealing over Touma, and Agumon asks who Gaomon is, but he's ignored. Masaru asks again, loudly, but Touma ignores him and walks past him to report to Captain Satsuma, saying he's come to take up his position in DATS. He says he's read the reports that indicate the higher frequency of Digimon appearances in Japan, and Masaru coughs behind him to get Satsuma's attention.

Satsuma tells Masaru to introduce himself, but Masaru gets mad, because he thinks, being there longer than Masaru, he deserves respect. But as Satsuma and Yoshino tell Masaru, Touma's been there longer, and he's done a lot of work for them. Miki and Megumi inform Touma he's a genius, and furthermore, an Austrian prince. Kudamon tells them that Gaomon's abilities are unrivalled within DATS, and Satsuma says they have perfect teamwork.

Touma, however, says that Masaru should be dismissed at once, since he's useless to DATS. Masaru's angered, and tries to fight, but Touma easily blocks his punch and calls him pathetic. Masaru demands to know just who he thinks he is, and Touma and Masaru end up in a boxing ring in DATS. Agumon cheers Masaru on, and Raramon rings the bell.

Masaru charges Touma and tries to attack, but everything he does is blocked, dodged, or ineffectual. Touma punches Masaru, and he's badly injured, and Touma asks Masaru why he bothered joining, since Masaru doesn't seem to go along with their mission. Touma delivers one more punch, and he's down for ten seconds, and so Touma officially wins the match. Miki and Megumi are overjoyed, and Touma tells Masaru that crude people like him aren't needed in DATS. Masaru gets back up though, and punches Touma as he turns around. He tells Touma that a fight doesn't end until one side is silenced, and the match continues. The fight results in a draw, and Yoshino tells him he's lucky as she bandages him up later -- Touma's beaten Olympic champions in the past.

There's a red alert, and it turns out that there are almost a hundred Petit Meramon, because the parts of Petit Meramon that got blown off before became new Petit Meramon. MAsaru realizes its his fault, and Kudamon notices. Satsuma's surprised it could have multiplied this much, and Touma requests to be allowed to deal with the problem. Satsuma agrees, but Masaru and Agumon say it should be there battle. They don't believe Touma can take out so many, but Touma tells him he can, and as they try to follow, Satsuma tells them to stay. Kudamon says Touma and Gaomon should be an example for Masaru and Agumon, and Satsuma orders Yoshino to back up Touma.

Touma and Gaomon face the Petit Meramon, and Touma tells Gaomon he has five minutes. The Petit Meramon attack with fireballs, and Touma tells Gaomon to use Plan A, which consists of using his Double Backhand attack to spin around in a tornado. It doesn't work, and they resort to Plan A2, in which Gaomon evolves to Gaogamon and takes out the Petit Meramon with a single Spiral Claw.

Yoshino collects the Digi-Tamas in the rear of her vehicle, and Touma notes he and Gaomon have reduced their time significantly. Touma and Yoshino are informed more Petit Meramon have appeared elsewhere, and Touma tells Gaomon that's where they're going next. Satsuma notes that it's like Touma was never gone, and Agumon is amazed. Kudamon tells Masaru that this is the difference between them and Touma. Masaru runs out, and Agumon follows him.

Agumon wants to know what's going on with Masaru, who trips. Masaru says it was his self-confidence, and walks away. Agumon follows him again, and suddenly, as they get outside, they find Fisherman Dude just outside cooking fish on a fire. He tells Masaru about fires; that if they're strong enough, the wind can't blow them out. More Petit Meramon appear in another area, and Touma and Yoshino are ten minutes away, so Masaru sets out with Agumon, even though Touma says he can't do it and Satsuma tells him not to.

There's three of them, and Masaru tells Agumon they're going to do it in three minutes and to use Baby Burner. They think he's going to blow up the gas tanks, and Agumon knows the attack won't work, but he does as Masaru says. He uses it again, and again, and again, and the Petit Meramon evolve together into Meramon, which is what Masaru wanted. Masaru goads to Meramon into attacking, and Masaru leaps into the air and punches Meramon, his Digi-Soul activating. Touma and Yoshino arrive on the scene as Agumon evolves into Geo Greymon, and Touma realizes what their plan was, and is apparently shocked Masaru thought of it. Greymon uses Mega Burst, which is a big stream of fire, and Meramon immediately reverts into three Digi-Tama. Kudamon is amazed at the power Geo Greymon had.

Gaomon and Agumon put the Digi-Tama in the car, and Masaru brags about his win, but Touma just says he was lucky. Touma goes on about how Masaru just uses power, and Touma and Masaru continue arguing and arguing until they get back to DATS and Satsuma yells at them to be quiet. Captain Satsuma then proceeds to tell them that from now on, the two of them are on a team, and neither are pleased.