Digimon Savers Episode 02:
Moeru igari no Digi-Soul! Yami ni hisomu Flymon
Roar, Digi-Soul of Rage! Flyimon Lurking in the Darkness

Yoshino brings Masaru and Agumon into the DATS headquarters, and reports to Captain Satsuma that Raptor-1 and the witness have been taken. Masaru demands that they stop treating Agumon like a criminal, and says he should have already been cleared, but Yoshino informs him that, for a Digimon, just being with a human is a crime. Masaru points out they have Digimon too, but Raramon reminds him that it is, after all, not illegal for the police to speed to catch a speeder.

Captain Satsuma says that renegade Digimon have to reduced to a Digi-Tama and forced back into the Digital World, and the white Pawn Chessmon walks in with Cockatrimon's Digi-Tama and sets it inside a big tube. After lots of technical talk and a brief countdown, DATS opens a digital gate and transports the Digi-Tama to the Digital World as Masaru and Agumon look on.

Kudamon then says that it's Raptor-1's turn, and the two Pawn Chessmon grab Agumon. However, Masaru chases down Turtle Dude, and kicks a steaming teapot out of his hands and uses the steam to mask his and Agumon's escape -- but Yoshino pursues them, and in the confusion, Masaru drops his Digivice iC.

Captain Satsuma finds the Digivice, and Kudamon seems shocked that Masaru would have one. Satsuma seems to be aware that Fisherman Dude gave it to him, and meanwhile Masaru and Agumon make their way to Masaru's home, with Agumon underneath a cardboard box.

After a long and arduous journey, Agumon and Masaru make it there, and Agumon devours all the food, and Masaru realizes DATS lied about Agumon being able to eat only a certain food. Then, Masaru's mom comes upstairs, and Agumon is forced to hide in a closet. She's worried about where Masaru was, and he says he just stayed out late. She mentions that his room is messy, he says he'll clean it up and to just leave him to it and shoves her out the door.

Agumon comes back out of the closet, and Masaru tells him he'll have to remain quiet while he's there. Then, Masaru's mom comes back into the room, and Masaru quickly throws outside. She says she thought she heard Masaru talking to someone, but he says she was just imagining it. Guessing that Masaru's hiding something, she reminds him that the three of them (her, Masaru, and his sister) made a promise to tell each other everything while Masaru's father is gone.

Agumon wonders at there being three of them, and Masaru's sister turns up right behind her. They both scream in terror, and Agumon clambers up onto the roof as Masaru's little sister runs inside screaming that she saw a giant lizard. Masaru's mom thinks it must be an UMA, an unidentified life form, and she looks for her camera. They hear something on the roof, and Masaru offers to run up and deal with it.

He pokes his head over the roof to find Agumon and the family cat locked in battle. They roll right off the roof, into Masaru, and Masaru and Agumon end up hurt, while the cat lands on its feet and runs away. Yoshino appears right by them, and reports to DATS that the targets have been secured, and requests permission to wipe everyone's memory right away.


Masaru wakes up in bed (he was knocked out when he fell of the roof) and then jumps up and runs through the house looking for Agumon. He finds him eating at the table with his family and Yoshino, and demands to know how he could be there so casually. Yoshino tells Masaru to keep it down, and compliments his mom's food.

Masaru drags Yoshino outside the room and demands to know what she's doing there, but Yoshino isn't sure either. Satsuma refused to allow her to erase the memories of Masaru and his family, and ordered Yoshino to keep them under surveillance. Masaru tells her to leave, but she says she can't. Masaru's sister walks by and makes them mad by saying they're fighting like an old married couple.

There's a time-skip, and we see Yoshino sleeping in Masaru's bed as Masaru and Agumon sleep on the floor. She's apparently amused. But out at a school, things aren't so content; several monitors light up, and a Kunemon emerges out of a gate.

The next morning, Masaru gets ready to leave for school, something he tells Agumon is a place where there are many people to fight against. Agumon wants to go too, and Masaru agrees. Yoshino, however, reminds Masaru that a Digimon in public would cause a big problem, and she shows Masaru how to put Agumon in the Digivice, which she got from Satsuma.

Agumon doesn't like it though, as he says its too cramped. Masaru's mom tells him he'll be late, and so he runs out, while Yoshino follows him in a car, and she tells him he won't stop following her until he joins DATS, because then there'd be no reason to chase Agumon. Masaru says that'll never happen.

As Masaru is running to school, though, he notices a disturbance at Chika (that's his little sister)'s school. It turns out that someone killed all the school animals, and the boy responsible for them is sobbing. The police are there investigating, but Yoshino knows right away a Digimon did it -- the Digivice shows her. Agumon says things are getting interesting, and Masaru is shocked to see that he's outside of the Digivice. Yoshino says no normal Digimon would leave the Digivice on his own, and suspects Agumon of killing the animals, but fortunately, Raramon informs her that she kept an eye on Agumon all night, and he didn't go anywhere.

Masaru and Agumon are overjoyed at the prospect of fighting a Digimon, and so Masaru promises Chika he'll beat up the guy who killed the animals. That night, they set a trap -- by locking Agumon in the cage. Agumon thinks the plan, which Masaru devised, until he realizes he's the bait. Masaru says not to worry, he'll beat whoever it is up before they can do anything, but Agumon still isn't pleased, especially when he discovers Masaru locked the door.

Takashi walks up, and Masaru confronts him to ask why he's there. He tells Masaru to shut up, and says he didn't want to take care of the animals. He wanted them to disappear, and then "this guy" -- the Kunemon that came out of the gate -- took care of them. The Kunemon appears out of the space behind Takashi, and Yoshino Realizes Raramon.

Raramon attacks with Nuts Shoot, and Kunemon retaliates and knocks her to the ground. Masaru tries to get Agumon out, but can't remember the combination to the lock. Yoshino activates her own Digi-Soul, and Raramon evolves into Sunflowmon in order to deal with Kunemon.

Sunflowmon uses Sunshine Beam, and the battle seems to be won, until they realize there's a cocoon in all the smoke. Kunemon emerges as Flymon from the cocoon, and shrieks and then covers Yoshino and Sunflowmon with pollen or dust that paralyzes them by turning their bodies numb. Masaru tries to evolve Agumon, but it doesn't work -- no Digi-Soul comes out. Flymon beats up on Sunflowmon more, and when Yoshino tells Masaru to run away, he gets angry and says there's no way he'd run like a coward, and leaps foward and punches Flymon, and his Digi-Soul activates.

Masaru shouts "Digi-Soul Charge!" and uses the Digivice, and Agumon evolves into Geo Greymon. Flymon rams Geo Greymon and uses a little bit of pollen, but Geo Greymon throws him away and uses Mega Flame, which reverts him into a Digi-Tama. Geo Greymon immediately devolves, and suddenly Fisherman Dude appeared.

Fisherman Dude is interested to see that his fists of fury are what awaken his Digi-Soul, and says that Masaru must find the human world too small to swing his fists around, and says that he'd find many formidable opponents in the Digital World.

DATS transfers the Digi-Tama to the Digital World, and it seems that all is well, but Kudamon says it was all they could do to cover up the incident, with all the destruction that occurred. Yoshino says they did manage to capture the Digimon and wipe Takashi's memory, but she's told not to be so confident. They ask her who is watching over Raptor-1, and a door slides open to reveal Masaru and Agumon.

Kudamon wants to know what they're doing there, and Masaru begs to join DATS, if only so they won't have to dispose of Agumon. Satsuma immediately approves it, and says he always thought Masaru would become a member. Masaru and Agumon are excited to know they'll be able to fight strong opponents.

Meaning, though, a plane is arriving in Japan with Touma and Gaomon on board. Touma says it's been a while since he's last saw his mother's homeland, and the episode ends.