Digimon Savers Episode 01:
Ore ga Masaru da! Cockatrimon Shuurai!
I am Masaru! Cockatrimon Attacks!

The episode opens with a shot of a dark tunnel, possibly a sewer, as there's water running on the bottom. We hear panting, and Agumon appears, running down the tunnel, his breath steaming in the air. He's running toward a light, and the scene fades out and into the DATS headquarters, where an alert is evidently going on, judging from the flashing red lights and alarm. Miki, the dark-haired female DATS member, reports that the Kouan area is sealed off as her Pawn Chessmon types away behind her. Megumi reports that she's informed the "relevant" ministries in the government of the situation, and we hear Kudamon (who is not yet clearly visible) saying that they have no choice but to engage the renegade Digimon. Captain Satsuma orders that Yoshino be sent to deal with the problem, and says that the only ones who can deal with Digimon are Digimon themselves.

Next, we see a police car racing toward where the "target" is, lights flashing and sirens...sirening. The people are evacuated by means of a public service announcement that informs them a bomb has been discovered, and the cars pass by a soon-to-be mysterious fisherman. Yellow tape is spread out across the area, and Yoshino steps out of one of the patrol cars and shows a normal policeman what is apparently a DATS badge informs him she's Fujieda, and asks the status of the evacuation. He says it's being held u in one area, and Raramon says from inside Yoshino's Digivice iC that there's 15 lifesigns just ahead -- and not Digimon, but human.

Yoshino says what is apparently her favorite phrase -- "This is the worst!" -- and runs foward. Several people are apparently knocked out and laying down on a circular platform. Yoshino uses her communications device to call assistance to bring the victims to a hospital. She steps a little further foward and they glimpse "Raptor-1," their code-name for Agumon, and a boy standing across from him.

The boy demands to know what the Agumon is doing interfering with his fighting, and proclaims that he is the number one gang leader in Japan, Daimon Masaru. Yoshino wonders if Masaru is actually trying to fight a Digimon, and whatever doubts she had are erased as Agumon and Masaru trade insults, and she and Raramon seem surprised that Agumon is talking. Captain Satsuma orders Yoshino to get Masaru away from Agumon immediately, as they all believe Masaru doesn't stand a chance against a Digimon.

Yoshino tells Masaru to get away, that he can't fight him, but Masaru informs her that it's a man to man fight, and Agumon agrees, and Yoshino just looks confused and shocked and accepts it. Raramon tells her not to lose spirit, but she doesn't move as Agumon and Masaru leap toward each other and punch each other -- but they seem equally matched, to everyone's surprise.

[Opening, episode title, etc. For those of you who wonder what the brief narration after the opening is, it's a statement of some of the sponsors of the program.]

Agumon and Masaru fly black, each wounded by the other's punch. They land on their backs, get back up, and start again. Agumon runs toward Masaru, saying he saw right through the punch, but Masaru knees him into the air. Agumon proceeds to kick him in the crotch, and the fight continues. Kudamon wonders who Masaru is to injure a Digimon with his punches.

Time passes, and Agumon and Masaru are laying on their backs next to each other. They compliment each other's fighting skills, and Agumon raises his claw. Masaru grabs it, and they introduce themselves. Agumon refers to Masaru as his aniki, which is a term used in the Japanese mafia to mean something like boss -- it's basically a gang word, now. Agumon says he'll be Masaru's follower. Masaru accepts, and suddenly Yoshino pops up and Realizes Raramon, and Yoshino asks if the two will come quietly. Agumon says they want to take him away, and Masaru puts Agumon on his back and tries to run away. Raramon uses Nuts Shoot, which shoots nuts out of her mouth, and Masaru seems unharmed, but stopped. Agumon says he'll deal with it, and uses Baby Flame, and Raramon uses Nuts Shoot again. The two attacks collide, and with all the smoke and confusion, Agumon and Masaru escape, much to Yoshino's displeasure.

Agumon and Masaru, now safely up in what's apparently an apartment complex, watch the streets below. Agumon says something about it turning out well, and Masaru demands to know what he is and where he came from, but Agumon doesn't know. According to Agumon, he's always been in the institution, and doesn't want to go back. Masaru says he doesn't understand, but he'll help out -- but Agumon is hungry. Very hungry. He ends up almost biting Masaru's head off, and after hitting Agumon, (who says everything just looked so tasty) he goes off to buy them something to eat. He tells Agumon to stay exactly where he is, and Agumon agrees.

There's another brief timeskip, and Masaru is at a grocery store checking out a cart full of food. As Masaru wonders if Agumon will eat any of it, Yoshino appears, drops something into the basket, and asks that it be checked out too. Masaru looks grumpy, and the two end up outside, sitting by a fountain, where Yoshino eats what she claims is delicious coffee jelly. Masaru wants to be paid back for it, and she says she will -- if he tells her where Agumon is. He says he doesn't know what she's talking about, and if he did, he wouldn't tell her. Yoshino nonchalantly mentions that he'll have to come along with her as a material witness, and Masaru asks how she knows his name. She says she remembers him from before, and proceeds to list more information about him -- that he's 14, was born on April 3nd, and is in his second year at Otori Municipal Junior High School. She also mentions that his father disappeared ten years ago, and now Masaru lives with his mother and little sister. Masaru asks who she is, and she pulls out her DATS badge and introduces herself as Fujieda Yoshino of DATS. According to Yoshino, DATS's mission is to control Digimon from the Digital World, and that the reason she's there is to get Agumon.

Yoshino then proceeds to tell him that Agumon can't eat anything he bought; they can eat only food made just for Digimon. Anf the only place Masaru can find it is at DATS, and so, if Masaru continues to run from DATS, Agumon will die. Masaru therefore asks that he alone be taken to DATS, and Yoshino brings him to the headquarters. Captain Satsuma welcomes Masaru and introduces himself, and then as Masaru looks around the room, Kudamon begins speaking. As he says that Masaru doesn't seem to have any special power, Masaru turns around and demands to know what's up with Kudamon being wrapped around Satsuma's neck. According to Yoshino, every member of DATS has a partner, and they work together to handle Digimon crimes. Among the Digimon seen are the black and white Pawn CHessmon and a turtle-like Digimon with a blue helmet.

Masaru demands to know what they want to tell him, and Satsuma tells him to calm down. They're experiencing an unprecendented crisis -- the borders between the human world and Digital World are collapsing. They don't know why, but more and more Digimon are appearing in the human world, and these renegades have to be kept under control. As Agumon is one of these Digimon, he can't just be left free. Masaru tells them Agumon came there to be free, and that he won't just hand him over. He says that he'll take full responsibility if Agumon starts rampaging.

Suddenly, the DATS red alert mode activates. Miki reports that a Digimon has been detected attacking the hamburger shop in the parking area, and Masaru wants to know why they suspect Agumon -- after all, if Agumon can only eat special food, why would he be attacking a hamburger shop? Kudamon says that Masaru will have to take responsibility right away, and as Masaru runs out, Captain Satsuma orders Yoshino to follow Masaru and that the area be sealed off.

When Masaru arrives at where he left Agumon, he doesn't find Agumon there. Yoshino insists it was Agumon that attacked the hamburger ship, but Masaru denies it. They then hear a fiery explosion, and Masaru runs off back down to the ground. Yoshino tries to follow him, but the elevator doors close. Down on the ground, Masaru runs toward the fire and shouts for Agumon to stop, but Agumon arrives from the opposite direction, with his head covered by a garbage can. He was so hungry he couldn't stand it, or so he claimed.

Cockatrimon emerges from the fire, and Miki and Kudamon give his stats. Captain Satsuma says that it's the same Cockatrimon that attacked the place before, and Cockatrimon sends a car flying as Satsuma, Miki, and Megumi watch from the screens at headquarters. It hits near where Yoshino is on the stairs, and Masaru and Agumon run foward to fight Cockatrimon. Masaru climbs up it and punches it as Agumon attacks with ineffectual Baby Flames. Captain Satsuma and Kudamon seem puzzled by Agumon's behavior, and that Masaru and Agumon are fighting together. Cockatrimon tries to step on Agumon, but Agumon grabs his foot and throws him off. Yoshino tells them to not be so rash, but Masaru starts punching away again and saying that Cockatrimon's already lost, and Agumon says Masaru is amazing.

Suddenly, Cockatrimon glows, and shoots out a beam that badly wounds Agumon. Masaru jumps off Cockatrimon and grabs Agumon, shouting his name. Miki says that Raptor-1 has become silent. An enraged Masaru runs toward Cockatrimon, dodges attacks, and leaps high into the air and delivers a powerful punch that knocks Cockatrimon to the ground, all the while a mysterious band circles his arm. He lands on the ground and it collects in his fist, and Fisherman Dude appears and throws him a Digivice iC, and explains that it's a Digivice and that he can use the Digi-Soul in his fist with it, and if he does, Agumon, will evolve.

Masaru doesn't know what evolution is, but he does as he says and shouts Digi-Soul Charge! and Agumon evolves into Geo Greymon. While he evolves, Megumi reports that Agumon's Digi-Soul has reached critical pressure, and Satsuma is shocked. Geo Greymon roars and stomps toward Cockatrimon, who glows and uses his attack again. Geo Greymon is unharmed though, and he swings his tail and uses Mega Flame, which reverts Cockatrimon to a Digi-Tama. Masaru praises Agumon, turns around, and is surprised to find him devolved. Agumon says he is hungrier than ever.

Satsuma is shocked that Masaru got so far, and says he wants Masaru on his team. Meanwhile, Yoshino picks up the Digi-Tama while Agumon begs for food. Masaru wonders who the fishman is, and Yoshino stops them from going off to get hamburgers on the grounds that Agumon injured so many people in the beginning of the episode -- but Masaru reveals it was he that did that, as they were punks from the next down. Yoshino says she'll arrest them all, and the episode ends.