Digimon Adventure Episode 20:
"Perfect Evolution! Metal Greymon"
"The Earthquake of Metal Greymon"
The Chosen Children were camping outside of the pyramid and discussed Sora's capture while Koushirou kept working on his computer. Takeru and the Digimon went to sleep, and Koushirou came out of the cave shouting "Everyone! I understand!" Koushirou had discovered where Sora was being held, and important information about the pyramid. Everyone agreed that they would save Sora together!

Meanwhile, Sora awakened and saw Piyomon was imprisoned against a wall. She tried to get up, but she was also held down by manacles on a table. Nanomon was planning to defeat Etemon by copying Sora's data and creating a clone that he could control and use to evolve Piyomon. Once, long ago, Nanomon had battled Etemon, but he lost and was badly damaged. He wanted revenge.

Etemon's army was all around the pyramid, but the Chosen Children were safe nearby creating a plan to save Sora. The route was blocked by electric fences, but there were certain spots in the fences the Chosen Children could go through without being harmed at all. Taichi had been afraid of these gates, but he was resolute and said he would save Sora. The Chosen Children decided that some of them, including Jou, would create a distraction so the others could get safely inside. Gomamon evolved to Ikkakumon to attack the pyramid and draw their attention. It woke up Etemon, and meanwhile Garurumon and Ikkakumon attacked Etemon's forces. Etemon went outside and leaped on his train to attack the Chosen Children while Taichi and Koushirou ran for the pyramid. They found their passage inside blocked, but they found a wall to go through...there was a camera however, and Etemon's Gazimon saw them.

Outside, Palmon evolved to Togemon to help the others, but Etemon used Dark Spirits to get his own army out of the way. Etemon laughed at the Chosen Children, and Nanomon worked inside his room and told Sora about the Chosen Children attacking the pyramid. Etemon kept using Dark Spirits, and Ikkakumon ran, while Garurumon and Togemon attacked - but their attacks had no effect! Etemon swung Garurumon around on his tail, and threw Ikkakumon on top of him! Etemon then stabbed Togemon with her own needles, and sang a song to make them devolve. The Gazimon alerted Etemon that the Chosen Children were also in his pyramid, which confused him - and we he stopped thinking about it and looked around, Jou, Mimi, and Yamato and their Digimon were gone! Takeru had hidden them under the sand-colored blanket while Etemon took his train back to the pyramid which was on alert.

But then, Etemon broke through the wall right by Taichi and Koushirou! Koushirou and Taichi ran through another wall, but Etemon followed them. Koushirou told Taichi to hurry up and go, and Tentomon evolved into Kabuterimon to hold Etemon off! But Taichi and Agumon soon arrived at the electric fence, and Taichi worried about what might happen and Sora, but Agumon told him to have courage! Taichi reached through the fence, but Etemon came up behind them, and Agumon evolved into Greymon while Taichi ran through the fence and found Sora, her copy, and Nanomon. But Nanomon didn't need the original Sora anymore, so he opened up a hole that she fell through! But fortunately, Taichi was able to grab and hold her in time...

Nanomon explained that inside the hole was Etemon's Dark Network, which was infused with his evil power. Nanomon had been able to control the network to a certain extent. Taichi gave Sora her Digivice and Crest, and Piyomon evolved into Birdramon, breaking her shackles! Sora and Taichi climbed on Birdramon, who broke through the wall and made Etemon get shocked on the fence. The other Chosen Children raced toward the pyramid, and Etemon noticed Sora's copy and Nanomon. Nanomon didn't listen to Etemon, and he tried to push him in the Dark Network. He infected it with a special virus, which sucked in all of Etemon's army! Nanomon shouted that it was the end, as Etemon fell in the network, and was absorbed! Dark beams burst from the pyramid, and it collapsed - revealing Etemon with the extra power of the network! The Digimon attacked, but it had no effect. Etemon used Dark Spirits, and it not only hurt Birdramon and Kabuterimon, it destroyed mountains and a sphinx! Taichi's Crest began to glow as the Chosen despaired, and Taichi and Greymon shouted they wouldn't run away and ran toward Etemon! Etemon said it was futile and attacked Greymon, but Taichi's courage allowed Greymon to Super Evolve into Metal Greymon for the first time!

Everyone looked on in awe, except Etemon who attacked him! But to his shock, his Dark Spirits attack had no effect, and Metal Greymon rammed Etemon! Metal Greymon began to glow with power, and he used Giga Destroyer, and the missles destroyed the Dark Network and Etemon...in the same odd-looking spacial warp that Dark Spirits had done to the mountains and the sphinx. However, Taichi and Metal Greymon were also sucked into the warp...and Taichi and Koromon found themselves in the Real World.

Dub Changes:
I didn't notice any cuts - but of course, the dub names of Taichi, Jou Yamato, Koushirou, Nanomon, Chosen Children, and Super Evolve are Tai, Joe, Matt, Izzy, Datamon, Digidestined, and Digivolve, respectively.