As the original Megchan's Digimon Encyclopedia used the original translated Japanese names, this continuation does as well. As there are different "official" spellings and transliterations for the Digimon names, the official Bandai of Japan/Toei Animation names are used only when they fit the katakana and/or when they clearly fit the Digimon. This is why Musyamon is spelled Musyamon rather than Mushamon, the latter being the preferred system of transliteration. When there is no official spelling, or at least no official spelling that fits, I use what I find to be the most likely name (as in the case Alforce V-Dramon, who, it later turned out, was more likely Ulforce V-Dramon), or a reasonable transliteration (Raiamon, for example, has no immediately apparently meaning, but Raia is a reasonable transliteration.)

English Name

Any official dubbed name, whether it be from the show, or Bandai of America. In the case of Digimon like Demon, all their dub names are listed - Daemon and Creepymon. As I am not entirely familar with the dub, especially Frontier and most of the toylines and earlier cards, there's more than likely quite a few missing dub names. If you happen to notice a missing dub name, please email me.


Although the dub levels were used in the original Megchan's encyclopedia, I prefer using the original level names, and I also feel that it makes it more consistent. However, you'll still find the original entries in the encyclopedia with the dub level names. For that reason, Mega/Ultimate level Digimon are listed as Ultimate/Final instead of "Ultimate," in order to avoid the confusion that using solely the original-official level names when the dub names are also being used. If you are unfamilar with the original Japanese levels and their dub equivalents, then here's a nice table for you.

Japanese Name Translated Name Dub Name
Younenki I Baby I Baby/Fresh
Younenki II Baby II In-Training
Seichouki Child Rookie
Seijukuki Adult Champion
Kanzentai Perfect* Ultimate
Kyuukyokutai Ultimate Mega
Haiburiddotai Hybrid Hybrid
Aamaatai Armor Armor
Choukyuukyokutai Super Ultimate -none-

Although Hybrid and Armor are listed after Ultimate/Final, they are not above Ultimate/Final. Armors are always equivalent to Adult level, although some of them have significantly more power than the average Adult-level. Hybrids do not fit into the normal levels; however, the two strongest Hybrids, Transcendental Hybrids, Kaiser Greymon and Magna Garurumon, evolve into an Ultimate/Final - Susanoomon. Super Ultimate appears to be similar to Armor in that it is equivalent to another level - in this case, Ultimate/Final. The only three Super Ultimate Digimon have "Ultimate/Final" in their level field, while Super Ultimate appears only in their names.

*If you watch fansubs, you may be used to this level being called "Complete." Complete is a stock translation of the Japanese word, and while entirely accurate in that sense, the official English spelling of the level is Perfect. As Perfect is also an entrrely accurate translation, the official spelling, and isn't similar to the name of a different dub level, there is absolutely no reason to use Complete.

Armor Evolution was used in the ancient Digital World when evolving into Adult was extremely difficult. Digimon used items called Digimentals to evolve. Digimon that evolved with Digimentals do not have to use Digimentals to evolve to that form; the Digimental is only a shortcut to reaching it. The Digimentals, and the Digimon that can evolve from them are:


Vaccine, Data, Virus, Variable, and none/unknown. Entries are also color-coded according to attribute - green for Vaccine, blue for Data, red for Virus, blue/purple for Variable, and pinkish/purple for none/unknown. Digimon with the same name and different attributes usually look different and in some cases have different attacks or types as well. Many people count these as different Digimon. Baby and Baby II Digimon are nearly always Data or Unknown (or both.) Digimon with the Variable attribute, which at least so far means Hybrid Digimon, change attribute to match that of their opponent. Also, though not in the card game, Vaccine Digimon are supposed to be more powerful against Virus Digimon, Virus Digimon are supposed to be more powerful against Data Digimon, and Data Digimon are supposed to be more powerful against Vaccine Digimon.


Fenrir maintains an excellent type list here. Type has no effect on anything, so far as I know, except maybe in some special situations in the cards when a Digimon has a special power involving types.


Nature Spirits, Virus Busters, Dark Area, Unknown, Wind Guardians, Deep Savers, Metal Empire, and Nightmare Soldiers. Digimon can have more than one family. Family normally has no effect on anything.

Groups are special groups of Digimon, but only as listed on the cards. Some of the major groups are:

The Three Great Angels (3) - Cherubimon, Ophanimon, Seraphimon.

The Royal Knights (13) - Alphamon, Alphamon (Ultimate War Blade King Dragon Sword), Omegamon, Omegamon X, Magnamon, Magnamon X, Dukemon, Dukemon X, Alforce V-Dramon, Alforce V-Dramon X, Dynasmon, Dynasmon X, Rhodo Knightmon, Craniummon, Sleipmon, Duftmon, Duftmon Leopard Mode, Duftmon X, and Examon. The X forms are counted as the same individual as their non-X counterparts, and Alphamon with his sword counts as normal Alphamon.

The Seven Great Demon Lords (7) - Lucemon Falldown Mode, Demon, Lilithmon,, Belphemon, Leviamon, Barbamon, and Beezlebumon. Beezlebumon X is also a member, but is counted as the same member as Beezlebumon.

The Twelve Olympian Gods (12) - Marsmon, Mercurimon, Minervamon, and Neptunmon.

Devas (12) - Santiramon, Indaramon, Pajiramon, Mihiramon, Antiramon, Majiramon, Makuramon, Shinduramon, Chatsuramon, Vikararamon, Kunbiramon, and Vajiramon.

Ten Warriors (10) - Ancient Beetmon, Ancient Garurumon, Ancient Greymon, Ancient Irismon, Ancient Megatheriumon, Ancient Mermaimon, Ancient Sphinxmon, Ancient Troiamon, Ancient Volcamon, and Ancient Wisemon

The Four Great Dragons (4) - Goddramon, Holy Dramon, Megidramon, and Qinglongmon.

The Four Holy Beasts (4) - Baihumon, Qinglongmon, Xuanwumon, and Zhuqiaomon.

Ancient Species - V-Dramon Zero, Aero V-Dramon Zero, Alforce V-Dramon Zero, and Alforce V-Dramon Zero Super Ultimate

Fusion Form - Ardhamon, Beowulfmon, Daipenmon, Jet Silphymon, Rhino Kabuterimon, and Reichmon.

Transcendence Form - Kaiser Greymon, Magna Garurumon.

Geno Digimon - Callismon, Neo Devimon.


Attacks that are transliterated English or other non-Japanese words are listed in their translated form, if I can translate it. If I can't translate it, or if it doesn't seem quite right, it is written in all caps. If the attack is a Japanese word written in Japanese, then I transliterate the Japanese and add a translation note to the bottom. Unfortunately, in some instances the furigana (hiragana above the kanji) has a different transliteration and translation than the kanji, and in those cases I usually show preference to the furigana, or whichever I can remember having been spoken in the show. Sometimes I might add a transliteration and translation for the kanji as well, especially if it's a well-known translation. So, for example, I'll say Mugen Cannon instead of Infinity Cannon in the attack field and Petit Thunder instead of Puchi Sandaa.

Descriptions, Comments, Appearance Requirements

I translate them to the best of my ability when I can and when I have time, so not all of these are done. All of the Megchan-era entries still retain all their descriptions and comments and appearance requirements however, and some people (such as Fenrir and terracannon876) have translated descriptions that appear in this encyclopedia. Bigger and higher-quality card scans greatly aid in the translations and save my eyes from blindness, and so you'll find that a lot more cards that have high-quality scans have card descriptions and so on translated as opposed to those who don't.

X Digimon and Evolution Requirements

(taken from the old notes)
X Digimon are regular Digimon that have been modified by the X Antibody, a program from the Digimon Chronicle world. They are also called "Red Frame", because in the cards they have red frames. A Digimon, such as Agumon, becomes Agumon X when modified by the X Antibody. An X Digimon looks different from it's normal counterpart and sometimes is also a different type and has different attacks. For this reason, X Digimon are given seperate entries in this encyclopedia.

You may know X Digimon as Neo Breed Digimon. Neo Breed was a fanmade name for X Digimon created before we knew with certainty what the Digimon were called. Although "X" is not used on the cards and in many other places, it is used on the official Japanese Digimon site, on official Digimon materials and products, and in V-Jump when it is required to differentiate X Digimon from their normal counterparts. Neo Breed is not used on any official material at all.

Thus, since we only have a few instances where even Bandai uses "X", a few guidelines should be set down. "X" will be used only on existing Digimon who were transformed by the X Antibody. There are other Digimon containing the X Antibody, such as DORUmon and Giga Seadramon who will not have X in their names because they were not previously existing Digimon. If you need to know whether or not a Digimon is Red Frame/X, check the card number. If the card number is "BX" or "SX", the Digimon is a Red Frame X Digimon, regardless of what is implied by the name.

In the evolution requirements of X Digimon, Bandai frequently does not specify whether or not the Digimon that the X Digimon evolves from must be Red Frame (X) or Blue Frame (normal). So, unless explicitly stated with a "(Red Frame)" or "(Blue Frame)" next to the evolution requirement, he may evolve from either. For example, Greymon X's card says he evolves from Agumon. It does not say whether it means Agumon, or Agumon X. Therefore, it should be taken to mean both Agumon AND Agumon X.


-This is just a rip-off of Megchan's encyclopedia! You're a horrible, horrible person that just stole all her information!
Well, sort of. But I'm continuing it, and a great deal of the pages are mine. As for the rest, I shall quote the readme file that came with the downloadable version of Megchan's encyclopedia from which this was made:

The first is on your website. If you want to post all or part of the encyclopedia on your site, please feel free. You do not have to call it Megchan's encyclopedia, nor do you have to keep it in its current format. You can add or subtract whatever information you want to. Feel free to do with it what you wish.

So you see, I and anyone else who has a Megchan's Encyclopedia has permission.

-So, I can use anything I want from this encyclopedia?
No. Megchan did indeed give permission for anyone to use her encyclopedia in whatever way they wanted, but this version of her encyclopedia has been more than doubled in size by my additions. You can contact me for the original version of Megchan's encyclopedia, or ask me about using information from this encyclopedia. I don't mind so much people using information from this encyclopedia, but please ask first or at least give me credit and a link back. It's one thing to borrow some tidbits here and there, or the information from several whole entries, but it's quite another to go through every page, save it, upload it to your site, and claim it as your own. And for the record, I'm more protective of my translations (especially the ones that require some work and are unique, like card descriptions) than the pictures, so feel free to do anything you like with the latter (except direct link them).

-omg this digiimon doest exist!!!!!111111111
All Digimon in this encyclopedia are real. Indeed, only a few Digimon are not listed, and those are usually ones that aren't quite out yet. If you don't recognize a Digimon, it's probably from a contest or a little-known game. Earthdramon, Babydramon, Punch Narabimon, and Huntermon are from the FAX Digimon contest. Technodramon, Generamon, Hari Mogemon, and Holy Digitamamon are from the Web Contest. (The contests are run by Bandai of Japan, and the winners become real, official Digimon. Cyberdramon is one Digimon that started out as a fan-made.) The "Death" Digimon, excluding Death-X DORUghoramon and Death-X-mon and the normal Deathmon, are from C'mon Digimon. V-Dramon Zero, Aero V-Dramon Zero, Alforce V-Dramon Zero, Alforce V-Dramon Zero Future Mode, Arkadimon Child, Arkadimon Baby, Arkadimon Adult, Arkadimon Perfect, Arkadimon Ultimate, Arkadimon Super Ultimate, Demon Super Ultimate, Regulumon, Dominimon, Petit Mammon, Hermmon, Lykamon, and Panimon are all the unique Digimon that appear in V-Tamer.
Digimon that are commonly believed to exist but do NOT are:
Decaymon, Fishermon, Rebelmon, Shadmon, Slithermon, all "Black" versions of the Hybrids (the shadow Blitzmon and Bolgmon were not named nor given any attacks and thus are still treated as Blitzmon and Bolgmon). Kita Kitsunemon, Kyuukanmon, Urashimamon, Cheer Galmon, and Jiko Chuumon are pseudo-Digimon who "appeared" on a drama CD, but they aren't actually REAL Digimon.

-How many entries are there?
As of December 2006, there are 860 seperate Digimon entries. There are 235 Vaccine Digimon, 267 Virus Digimon, 279 Data Digimon, 34 Variable Digimon, and 88 Digimon with no known attribute or Unknown attribute. Many people count attribute changes as seperate Digimon, meaning that by some measurements there are 903 Digimon listed in the encyclopedia. Then if you count recolors without attribute changes, and dress changes...there's even more. I've got 78 confirmed. There are 8 recolored Digimon pictures in the encyclopedia right now, so if you count recolors too, that's 911 Digimon. There's also level changed Digimon, and new Digimon with no available information. So overall, there are about 911/1016 Digimon in the encyclopedia.

-When will images/option cards be added to the encyclopedia?
I am in the process of adding images right now. I'd like to do profiles and images for each entry at the same time, but that may take a while. If you need to know what a Digimon looks like and its entry doesn't yet have a picture, then go to the Digimon Card Album and look it up by series and card number. If the Digimon doesn't have a card, you can email me for a picture, but not all Digimon have pictures, and I don't yet have pictures of all Digimon that do have pictures.

I don't really plan on adding Options and Programs until most normal Digimon cards are translated and added to the encyclopedia. When that will be, I have no idea, but I wouldn't expect it to be any time soon. When I do add them, though, they'll be on a seperate page, not on the same page as the Digimon -- that page is big enough as it is.

-Isn't Susanoomon a Hybrid?
No. Susanoomon is listed as an Ultimate/Final on all of his Japanese cards and in all other Japanese sources I am aware of.


Megchan, of course, made pretty much all of the earlier entries in the encyclopedia. This encyclopedia is based on hers. Without her, this encyclopedia would not exist. Nightstallion, Fenrir, and terracannon876 have all helped me in some way or another. And mewhime/mew/selen has helped too.